10TH Kyu / Yellow Belt is the second belt in the Yamamizu Ryu Bujutsu System
The student will continue in the system by gathering more information from what is provided in class,
practice diligently what has been taught to them in class, and show that they are interested in the training
by being able to produce a distinct improvement in their techniques and knowledge base.
A "black" uniform is acquired, either through the school or by the student.

The dojo patch is required to be sewn onto the uniform on the left side with the red "fire" symbol on top.

Yama Mizu Ryu Ju Ichi Kyu testing for Mu Kyu
(11th kyu, white testing for 10th kyu, yellow)

Knowledge Requirements:

General rules in the Dojo

Rules of conduct for Yamamizu Ryu

Rules of conduct for Bujinkan

Opening and closing of the deck
Shiken harai mitsu dai komyo (honoring)
Onegaishimasu kudasai (please teach me)
Domo arigato gosaimasu (very polite thank you)
Formal call to attention
Seated and standing attention postures

Japanese terminology for all technique requirements

Reiho: Understanding one's place in the Dojo
Knowledge of titles and what they mean
Names, and titles, of YMR black belts
Where and when to bow

Physical Requirements

Physical exercises:

Toe raises
Short squats
Shoulder circles
Knee rotations
Waist rotations
Neck rotations
Cross arm drop ups

Requirements specific to:
YMR Dai Kyoku Taijutsu

Seated to the wall meditation
Massage Technique:
Leg massage
Lymph rub
Box stance
Weight distributions
Six, four and two count Box Stepping Exercises
Wu Chi to Grasp Sparrows Tail Rollback

YMR Karatejutsu


Dachi: Seiza (kneeling), Onsa (cross legged) Shizen (Natural), Jigotai (horse)
Tsuki: Geden (lower), Chuden (middle), Joden (upper), Gyaku (reverse)
Uke: Gedan (lower), Chuden (chest, cross), Joden (upper, head)
Geri: Mai (front), Yoko (side), Ushiro (back), Mwashi (round)

YMR Ninjutsu

Kamae: Shizen (natural), Ichimonji (one stance), Onsa (cross legged), Seiza (kneeling), Fudoza (sitting on one foot)
Ukemi: Front, back roles from Geden Ichimonji (kneeling).
Ken: Shikan Ken
Geri: Mai (front shove)
Kihon: Ability to perform all hand techniques in all stances